Are you
keeping your
brand alive?

Keeping Your Brand Alive Image

When times are uncertain, communication is essential. Customers need to know you are still in business while employees and investors need to know you have a plan to get through this.

How do I keep
our brand going?


Tune into your audiences

Take time to understand your audiences’ priorities, objectives and fears…these will continually change.


Be hypersensitive

Consider message, imagery and tone of all marketing materials and campaigns and determine whether they are appropriate right now.


Don’t be perfect, be authentic

People aren’t perfect and brands shouldn’t be either. The most important thing is to be true to the brand.


Keep communicating

Update your employees, investors, business partners and the media frequently about what the brand is doing and continue to market to consumers.


Prepare for what’s next

Create a marketing communications plan for different scenarios like a short, medium and long-term shutdown as well as a return to normal.

Ask yourself...

Have you adapted to the abrupt changes in the market?

Have you maintained consistent communication with all of your audiences?

Do you have a marketing communications plan for ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow?’

The last word.

Everyone is feeling the disruptive effects of the pandemic in some way which has many on edge. And communication is a key tool in easing tensions and providing clarity in uncertain times.

How are you keeping your brand alive?