Are you sabotaging
your brand launch?
Part 1

Brand Launch Image

You have one chance to make a strong first impression with your rebrand. Planning ahead will save you time, money and headaches.

How do I approach
a brand launch?


Get everyone on board

Leadership buy-in is essential — without it, the rebrand could be undermined or simply underfunded. Have any naysayers to convince?


Determine the key decision makers

The fewer, the better for focused, thoughtful discussions and clear-cut decisions.


Gather existing brand touchpoints for review

Pull together any interaction or communication made between the brand + customer: collateral, digital, sales materials, advertising, video, PR, etc.


Allocate a realistic budget

This process could span months to over a year to complete and will be the face of the brand for 5-10 years.


Find “your” branding consultancy

Partner with a consultancy that does great work and has the ability to work in a range of media
(We should talk).


Create a launch list

Plan out all aspects of your brand launch.


Set a launch date

Pick a date based on an annual sales meeting, trade event, first of the year, etc.


Finalize all new brand touchpoints before launch

Get all of your communication materials in place for a unified launch on ‘Day One.’

Ask yourself...

Are you prepared for a rebrand?

Does your leadership team understand the value of branding?

Do you have a realistic timeline to complete everything on your launch list?

The last word.

No one said rebranding was easy but being prepared makes a seemingly daunting process manageable and even enjoyable.

What is your plan?