Are you sabotaging
your brand launch?
Part 2

Brand Launch Image

How you launch your brand is almost as important as the rebrand itself. There are no do-overs unveiling your brand to your it’s important you do it right.

How do I launch
a brand?


Start the groundswell from the core

Launch internally first so your employees feel like they are in the know and makes them more effective brand ambassadors.


Tailor the launch for each audience: employees, investors, business partners, the media

You may need presentation decks, scripts for phone calls, formal emails, a launch campaign, press releases and / or social media posts to announce the launch.


Launch the new brand to the rest of the world

Use a unified and coordinated approach to get the word out on ‘Day One.’


Out with the old

Make a clean break and do away with all of your old brand touchpoints: collateral, digital, sales materials, advertising, videos, etc. to avoid a confusing brand experience.


Listen to feedback but ignore the haters

Monitor reactions from your customers, media, etc. and make sure the launch is well received and clearly understood. There will always be those that give a thumbs down…no matter what.


Keep moving forward

Continue to maintain and build your new brand.

Ask yourself...

How will you unveil the new brand to each of your key audiences?

How do you plan to phase out your old brand?

How will you maintain the brand post launch?

The last word.

Be prepared for launch day so you can flip the switch and unveil your new brand. You’ll get more mileage and buzz out of it and it will be the best chance for a strong first impression.

Will you be ready for launch?