Navigating your
brand during
this storm.

Navigating your brand during COVID-19 Image

We are all in uncharted waters and no one
truly knows the full impact this will have on our future. So it’s important for brands
to adapt and respond now to these unexpected and dynamic challenges.

How do I steer
our brand?


Square one

Make public health, protecting your employees and maintaining good customer service a priority. Without this, the rest doesn’t really matter.


Speak the truth & speak often

Maintain frequent updates about what the brand is doing. And when doing so, always be honest and transparent and never be misleading.


Build community

Brands can bring people together who have shared interests and values. This is an opportunity to unite and build your community around something important or something to take peoples’ minds off the present.


Maintain momentum

Keep marketing to maintain your share of voice and mindshare to maximize growth once the crisis is over. Demand and growth have returned after every crisis. So cutting or eliminating marketing can undermine the long-term health of your brand.


Plan for change

The post-pandemic world will be different in some way so it’s time to plan for it. Brands ready to adapt will come out stronger on the other side.

Ask yourself...

How can I unite our brand community?

What am I doing to maintain our share of voice?

How will the post-pandemic world be different?

The last word.

The current situation is overwhelming and constantly changing. Focusing on what
we can do with some creativity, problem-solving and mindfulness will better prepare us for the opportunities that lie ahead.

How are you navigating
your brand?