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Uniquely retail.

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Contrary to popular belief, things were happening in Silicon Valley long before the tech explosion of the ‘90s. Back in 1961, Memorex came to life as a simple storage media brand. Later expanding into audio and consumer electronics, they eventually became famous with the “Is it live or is it Memorex” campaign. Years later, the company became fragmented, losing focus with too many divisions.

Charged with reimagining and refocusing Memorex, we were asked to create a logo that would be readable and legible in all sizes and applications, including product branding. With no budget for advertising. Or other consumer outreach. Retail was the only touchpoint. We ended up with an arresting, memorable logo that communicated a bright, friendly feeling. Add quirky messaging, vibrant typography and outstanding product photography and retail success was at hand; unifying the brand across all product lines, the first time in years.

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